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Benefits of Building Condition Surveys

Benefits of Building Condition Surveys

Stone Technical Services can help you to plan now to save money in the long term.

Condition surveys are essential to allow for the planning of maintenance programs on any type of building, modern or historic, public or private.

Benefits of using Stone Technical Services: -

  • Thorough, working knowledge of a range of structures which allows us to carry out cost-effective surveys providing you with the time and information to plan a strategy to suit your budget.
  • Efficient planning and effective design.
  • Sympathetic execution working in conjunction with architects, surveyors, facility services companies and DAC's.
  • Stone's own craftsmen carry out the inspection and, if required, any maintenance without inconveniencing clients, services or operations
  • Our formulated surveys are tailored to your required formats which results in a smooth transition between clients and survey teams.
  • Stone Technical Services can save you money- our condition surveys are essential to help you plan your maintenance programs to reduce costs in the long term.